Как сделать баллисты катапульты

Как сделать баллисты катапульты

Our studio will never forget the release of Eador. It was a complete chaotic mess in the best of Russian traditions.

Emergency patching helped the game to stay alive but it wasn’t us who truly saved Eador. First and foremost the game survived thanks to the players, their patience, critique and understanding of the situation.

This is why we decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of Eador. MotBW with a free content update humbly named ‘Sacred Gift’.

The DLC adds the long awaited shard multiplayer — now you can challenge your friend over the shard’s reign, against each other only or with AI Masters.

Besides, we’ve added a set of 17 new units:

Ice Demon Black Widow Fire Giant White Wizard Black Wizard Fire Dragon Cursed Dragon Storm Dragon Succubus Tainted Unicorn Dark Treant Desert Troll Clay Golem Crystal Golem Obsidian Golem Crystal Gargoyle Obsidian Gargoyle

These units are based on the old ones but with new abilities. For example, Black widow can lay eggs in dead bodies of fallen enemies, letting it create new spiders; and Succubus gains a ‘Mental slave’ spell at level 10.

Looking back at our experience, it’s quite risky to state that the game is completely bug free. But we hope that today’s Eador can be considered beatable, playable and stable.

Thanks for being with us this year!


1.4.1 changes:

– Fixed a bug that caused units with 0 hp to remain on the tactical map.
– Fixed a bug that affected thief guild, desert trolls lair, mercenary guild and other sites.
– ‘Black widow’ units now can only lay its eggs in heroes and mortal units, as it’s supposed to.

Full changelist for version 1.4.0:


– Multiplayer shard battle (via Internet) — 2 players + AI.
– Multiplayer battle on a tactical map (via Internet).
– 17 new units.
– 2 new sites.
– 7 new spells.
– A lot of new abilities and upgrades for the new units.
– New types of province guards.
– Generation of random settings for a new shard for custom shard battle.
– Province tooltip now shows active rituals.


– More cases causing Invalid Pointer Operation.
– Bug that caused enemy army’s freeze in a province after being captured by the player.
– Bug that caused order for province exploration to be canceled after speaking with traveling trader of rarities.
– Bug that caused difficulty change in config.exe.
– Length limitation for player’s name.
– Heroes can’t attack enemy castle anymore if it’s already besieged by another of the player’s heroes.
– Bug that caused mirroring the army upon province attack.

Как сделать баллисты катапульты

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